Various Artists – MELODIC METAL WORLDWIDE [part I]

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This sampler CD contains fourteen tracks from melodic metal bands (including early material from now known bands like Thaurorod, Forever Storm and Operadyse). Hailing from all over the world – Italy, Malaysia, Serbia, Finland, Slovakia, Boznia/Herzegovina, Argentina, Mexico and France etc. As the title implies they all play melodic metal or as some would like to call it ‘Euro Power’ or symphonic and keyboard-driven metal. Fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and…you can imagine the scenario…will find much comfort while listening to this compilation.

Tracklist: 1 Altharya – The Heir, 2 Astral Kingdom – Escape your fate, 3 Nhorizon – Ancient Way, 4 Thaurorod – Into the realms of hidden me, 5 Symphonia – Hasutan , 6 Forever Storm – Battle Cry, 7 Courthouse – Fallen Angel Returns, 8 Symbolic – Don’t turn away, 9 Fausto – Guerrero, 10 AdllivyttumM – Sendero del Bosque, 11 Operadyse – Celestial Sword, 12 Mercuria – Nightwatcher, 13 Fugatta – Secret of Eternity, 14 Abaddyon Project – Nevermore 6:20

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