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V2, was  born out of a passion for making  good Music. Progressive, rock, metal…as long as it was filled with emotion and good melodies, it was good! Eighteen years after their last release, Vision are back with a brand new cd…”Showdown”. Vision has become “V2”, (which stands for Vision two, and has nothing to do with those damned rocket missiles that caused disaster in world war two). Like the aging of good wine, it took them  five years. You can taste it in the music. There are eight fresh new songs and one rerecorded song. A brand new endeavour of V2 to finally  achieve their place in progressive metal land.

Tracklist: 1  Night Revelers and Night Hags, 2  Hunt in Packs, 3  Judas Figure, 4  Fist over Hand, 5  Revelation Day, 6  Tears run Dry, 7  The Servant Caelum et Terras Miscere, 8  Showdown, 9  Sundance

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