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Do you like ‘70’s progressive rock? Then you should listen to Unkh! Unkh starts with the musical characteristics of Yes, Genesis, ELP and King Crimson and takes these to the 21st century.

Four childhood friends who loved and love listening progressive rock with complex arrangements and spun out melodies came together to fulfill their long cherished wish: Record their music and release it on an album. The songs, mainly written by Jeroen Habraken, on the resulting Traveller (2014) are a mix of ’70’s prog and ’80’s new wave and are well received by the international media. All this resulted in gigs where Unkh also supported North Atlantic Oscillation, Frequency Drift and Anima Mundi.

Unkh made its appearance with new songs at the Northern Prog Fesival in 2016. This new material will be released on the upcoming album Innerverse (2018). Existential loneliness is the main theme as it is expressed in five totally different songs. In the epic almost 20 minutes taking Dreamcatcher, you are taken to the different area’s of subconsciousness which all of them will be expressed musically. Five tracks each with their individual quality, but also with a collective Unkh sound!

Tracklist: 1. Paranoid Void, 2. Deep, 3. The Showcase, 4. Slumber, 5. Dreamcatcher

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