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The band returns from exploring the sonic wilderness with this latest opus – 16 tracks of stream of consciousness songwriting, hammered into shape by long-time producer and collaborator Danny the Red. Taking heavy inspiration from Flying Lotus, Thundercat, The Wickerman, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and obscure Russian signal broadcast UVB-76, amongst others, the latest TH release sees the band embracing a wholeheartedly more electronic approach to sonics.

Featuring guest spots from long-time supporters Jimi Goodwin (Doves), Kavus Torabi (Knifeworld/Gong/Guapo/Cardiacs) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion) as well as the recorded debut of new drummer Joe Wood, Fukushima Surfer Boys is a nod to the Trojan Horse of old whilst taking grand strides into the future.

Tracklist: 1. GRAD, 2. The Ebb c/w Solotron, 3. How You Gonna Get By?, 4. Herbie Hancock, 5. The Modern Apothecary, 6. The Castle Of…, 7. I Wanna See My Daddy, 8. UVB-76, 9. Fukushima Surfer Boys, 10. The Wooden Wall, 11. Junk #3, 12. Junk #1, 13. Sickle Cell Orphan, 14. Isotron, 15. The Shapes , 16. Monodaddy

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