After a six-year break from a 15-year career that has largely failed to exist outside of Germany and South Korea, Toxic Smile return with studio album number three. What Toxic Smile does deliver is a listenable collection of songs which combines heavy Neo Prog with a distinct Art Rock influence. There’s a smattering of jazz, one soulful ballad and a potential smile on the face of those who enjoy catchy melodic hard rock choruses. Or let’s put it another way: If your idea of a good night in, is to put Alias Eye, Seven Steps To The Green Door, Ricochet and Ricocher, Sylvan, Asia and Toto onto your MP3 player and press random, then this may be for you.

Tracklist: 1. Liquid Wall, 2. The Change, 3. The Abyss, 4. Hidden Brand, 5. Walked By Fear, 6. Endless Cycle, 7. Pride And Joy, 8. Poles Apart, 9. I’m Your Saviour

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