Toxic Smile are back and consistently following the path they’ve taken with “I’m Your Saviour”. Epic structures meet up with filigree played passages, intricate rhythms encounter catchy melodies. Toxic Smile allow themselves to interprete musical ideas in every imaginable shape and in a time of “fast food music” they swim against the stream. The band present their songs in rich colors, but without losing the musical focus, catchy and yet always enthralling. The history of Toxic Smile already features many uncharacteristic moves for the Progressive Rock genre: their debut album “MAD” was released by South Korean giants BMG Korea (2001) and entered the charts in different Asian countries, supported by a promotional tour and Stadium concerts in South Korea. After their Album ” Retrotox Forte ” (2004), also critically acclaimed in Europe, the band ventured on its most ambitious project and in 2006 they produced a remarkable DVD, featruing an unplugged performance, with accompany by chamber orchestra and choir! After a lengthy creative break Toxic Smile returned in 2009 with the EP “Overdue Visit” on their new label “Progressive Promotion Records” and astounded in 2011 with the very successful new album “I`m Your Savior ” by the now well-established lineup. The members of the band – Marek Arnold (keys, sax) , Robert Brenner (bass), Uwe Reinholz (guitar), Robert Eisfeldt (drums) and Larry B. (vocals) – feature for or guested with various other big names of the progressive rock scene: they already released acclaimed albums with art rock/ prog bands “Seven Steps to the Green Door”, “Cyril”, “Stern Combo Meissen”, “Flaming Row”, “Black Shark Said”, “Manning” et al. With their new album “7”, Toxic Smile present themselves as an even more matured band. Compact but rhythmically dodgy; melodic, yet powerful like never before.

Tracklist: 1. From Inside Out, 2. Barefooted Man, 3. Needless, 4. Love Without Creation, 5. Rayless Sun, 6. King Of Nowhere, 7. Afterglow

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