The Silent Wedding began composing new songs in late 2014, right after returning from their European tour with Threshold. Having gathered enough material they entered the Underground Music Studios to start the pre-production of the album in April 2015. The album recordings began in the autumn of the same year and were completed in February 2016 at the Underground Music Studios by Jimmy Katsaros and the band collaborated with Adrian Papamarkou for the album’s mixing and mastering. The theme of the album is based on a lyrical concept about the existential quest of a hero and his lonely path to purification. Travis Smith made the artwork of the album creating a dystopic environment that is based on the vibe of the music. The band also had the honor to work with Tom Englund of Evergrey for the track “A Dream of Choices”.

Tracklist: 1. A Living Experiment, 2. Shadows & Bust, 3. What Lies Beyond, 4. Insanity, 5. The Endless Journey, 6. A Dream of Choices, 7. Loneliness, 8. Undeer the Veil of Grey, 9. Catharsis, 10. Closer to the End, 11. Silence, 12. Hands of Fate

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