Luxembourg Neoprog formation “No Name” was history. After singer Patrick Kiefer left the band in 2010, they finally split in 2011. Coincidentally, he met former “No Name” keyboardist Alex Rukavina, who promptly invited him to join his new project. At first, only one song was planned, but it turned into a whole record and TNNE, ‘The No Name Experience’, was born. The new name was chosen out of respect for the former No Name musicians, at the same time however, it hints whereto the musical journey is destined to go. The opening track kicks off as anthemic neo prog, featuring bombastic keyboards, Tony Banks style. Enter Patrick Kiefer’s distinctive vocals and now it’s clear: No Name are back! ‘The Clock That Went Backwards’ is not a clear cut concept album, but all songs mostly deal with the question, of how it would be if you could turn back time, to make different choices. The new members act like a live-cell therapy. The rhythm section provides a thundering drive so that all the melody bliss never sounds corny or clichéd. Two of the new protagonists need to be highlighted: One being guitarist Michel Volkmann, who does a fantastic job and sounds like the Luxembourg answer to Mike Holmes (IQ). The other is saxophone player Fred Hormain, who is listed as guest, but provides a pinch of jazz-rock , adding a special touch to the songs. This is sheer class! One can only hope, he will be a regular member of the band soon. Finally we can attest: TNNE deliver 50 minutes of nutricious food for the ears of Neoprog afficionados. Here we find all the necessary ingredients, such as extended guitar and keyboard solos, a powerful singer and lots of melody. The music appears mature, yet fresh, loose, sometimes a bit harder and, through the use of saxophone, surprising.

Tracklist: 1. My Inner Clock, 2. Clairvoyance, 3. About Angels And Devils, 4. Looking Back And Forward, 5. The Clock That Went Backwards, 6. Circles Of Life, 7. Welcome To My New World, 8. The Snow, 9. Circles Of Life (edit).


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