If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe, the 2011 debut album by The Fierce And The Dead, has a brand new rerelease. The album has been remastered with five bonus tracks, and is presented in Digipak format for the first time, with all new artwork by celebrated artist Mark Buckingham.

…Morecambe represents the first flowering of The Fierce And The Dead’s signature sound, and displays both the immediacy of their music and a promise of what was to come.

Guitarist Matt Stevens says: “We’re really pleased to get this opportunity to release a definitive version of the first Fierce And The Dead album – we’re still really proud of it. It’s nice to get an opportunity to go back to remaster it, sort out the packaging and put some previously unreleased tunes on there. Mark Buckingham’s brand new art is really special and the opportunity to work with one of favourite artists is a massive deal for all of us. I’m really pleased to be able to release it in partnership with our friends at BEM.” “It was a really exciting time making this album”, adds bassist and producer Kev Feazey, “and I hope this reissue and the extra tracks will show that. This was where we started thinking that TFATD might be an actual band, and I’m happy that it is getting a new lease of life.”

Tracklist: 1. Flint, 2. Part 2, 3. The Wait, 4. H. R., 5. Hotel No. 6, 6. Landcrab, 7. Daddies Little Helper, 8. Woodchip, 9. 10 x 10, 10. Andy Fox, 11. Foreign Languages, 12. Andy Fox (live at Kingsway College), 13. Part 2 (Take 1 board mix), 14. Landcrab (Take 5 board mix), 15. Andy Fox (Suitcase Remix)

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