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Matt Deacon and Chris Jago’s sixth release, and a return to the full-length album format. Complex instrumentals which are, at the same time, accessible. “…like King Crimson playing a medieval minstrel tune.” DPRP.net  “Utterly captivating and totally bonkers.” Progradar.org  “A tasty cake of dribbly madness” TheProgressiveAspect.net FFO: King Crimson, Frank Zappa, jazz fusion

Tracklist: 1. Baritonia, 2. LOL, Defiantly, 3. Eastern Rising, 4. Make It Like It Used To Be, 5. Top Top Switcherooney, Elbow Patch Man, 6. In The Woods With Tony Iommi, 7. Relax for a min, yeah?, 8. YNWA, LR, 9. Blues For Foodstool, 10. Escape Tits

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