The Black Noodle Project was initiated by Jeremie Grima in 2001. After having recorded several demos on his own, including Dark Smiles… in 2003, Jeremie gathered some musicians and recorded the band’s first album, And Life Goes On…, in 2004. Jeremie, along with Sebastien Bourdeix, guitarist in the band, recorded the Stereoscope LP in 2005, which is kind of a light and acoustic version of Black Noodle, but still considered as part of the Black Noodle Project’s discography. In 2006, the band recorded the album Play Again and played several gigs in their home country France while composing Eleonore, a concept album melting short novel writing, art and music. This album was released in 2008. The Black Noodle Project has also performed at festivals, including the Crescendo in France, and toured Poland as headliner. On this tour they recorded the Live CD+DVD And Live Goes On… in Poland. After a new album: Ready to Go in 2010, the band went back to tour Poland again, continued to do gigs in France, including Prog’Sud, France’s main Prog festival.
In 2011, they released a double CD, Dark & Early Smiles, which contains some of the band’s early demos. A few months later, the band co-produced (Im)Memorial, a 7” vinyl split EP with Eyes Front North.
In 2013, Jeremie Grima and Sebastien Bourdeix joined forces again to record Ghosts & Memories, an album they both worked on for more than 2 years. It was influenced by movie soundtracks (John Carpenter, Goblin, Ennio Morricone, Angelo Badalamenti…), and artists such as Anathema, Agalloch, Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree. This new album could have been simply named The Black Noodle Project as it is the essence of the band’s work from the early years until now.
Ghosts & Memories is a spiritual trip with souvenirs, composed of good memories or ghosts, with whom we must live … For this fifth album, The Black Noodle Project offers a play of 7 chapters, dark or lightfull, aerial or full of energy, in an album which is the best work of the band so far.

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