Starsabout is an alternative rock band with progressive and post-rock influences. The group was formed in Bialystok, Poland in January 2012 and consists of four members: Piotr Trypus (vocals, guitar), Tomasz Kryjan (guitar), Piotr Ignatowicz (bass), Sergiusz Pruszyński (drums). They completed a debut EP titled Black Rain Love in 2014. Two years later they released their first full-lenght album Halflights, which was which was well received by listeners and sold out within a couple of weeks! Now it is re-released together with their new album Longing For Home.
Starsabout’s music is sincere, powerful and passionate, but at the same time gentle and sublime. It guides the listeners through the wide range of emotions. The band keeps developing their unique sound which combines the dreamy, laid back vocals and nostalgic, shimmering guitar melodies. That enable them to leave their mark in today’s prog and new artrock music scene.
The group’s musical DNA can be tagged with artists like Anathema, The Blue Nile, Airbag, The Verve, Pink Floyd. Longing For Home is a must-hear record for fans of any of the aformentioned bands, or fans of thoughtful, climatic, sensitive music in general.
Considering how self-assured and mature they sound with now 2 albums and an EP under their belts, we might be hearing great things from Starsabout for a long time to come.

Tracklist: 1. Blue Caress, 2. Longing For Home, 3. Cry Me No Tears, 4. Hourglass, 5. Stay, 6. I Will Never, 7. Thief, 8. Million Light Years

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