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Sky Architect return with their fourth album ‘Nomad’. The album contains 7 brand new tracks.

After ‘A Billion Years Of Solitude’ the band focussed on less complicated, song-based material. But it was also written as much as possible together as a band. As the members all had jobs and lived in different cities it became more challenging to get everybody in the same room. Once they were, they wrote very quickly and ideas were flying in all directions. As a result, the initial idea of ‘simple, song-based’ material was ditched soon enough, because ‘…we decided we were at our best in an environment without constraints, where every creative idea is welcome…’ Needless to say, the songs evolved, or rather, escalated quickly into more elaborate pieces.

Tracklist: 1. Wasteland, 2. Endless Roads, 3. Nomad, 4. Dune, 5. Sandwalker, 6. Race to the Sun, 7. Into Singularity


The album is released through both Bad Elephant Music in the UK and FREIA Music in the rest of the world.

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