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Dutch neo progressive masters Silhouette return with their fifth studio album. It contains six songs with a total playing time of nearly 50 minutes. The 18 minute long epic “Bitter Sweet Memories Suite”, consisting of five parts, is the longest song ever written by the band. The album is unusually diverse and adventurous. While still recognizably Silhouette, this musical journey contains influences of not only the founding fathers of progressive rock, but also of contemporary, modern acts. We won’t tell you which ones, you will have to discover for yourself! What we can tell you is that this artistic evolution is obviously due to the growing influence of the younger members of the band, who were more actively involved in the writing and arranging than on previous Silhouette albums.

While The World is Flat is not a concept album like the previous one, lyrically and musically, you will recognize an introspective mood all over the album. “The World is Flat” is foremost a statement about shallowness around us. About the influence of internet trolls, cheating bankers, lying politicians and incomprehensible violence, leading to scared people who don’t know whom to trust anymore. Things that should matter don’t seem to matter anymore in public life. Sometimes we feel the strength to stand up against these modern demons. But sometimes we don’t, we cannot take it anymore and we give in to the desire to turn our backs to the flat world. We start searching for existential depth in our private lives, behind the protection of closed blinds in our homes. That is when we discover in the end it is all about living the moment, in the here and now. But also we find that even the most beautiful moments and memories have no meaning unless you can share them with your loved ones.

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