The symphonic power metal band Shadowrise announce their self-titled debut album ‘Shadowrise’ as a successor to their well received EP, ‘Escape From Shadow Island’. The album will be released by Painted Bass Records on March 23rd. The album is now available for pre-orders.

‘Shadowrise’ is a diverse album with a unique sound. Melodic metal anthems like that of Blind Guardian and Nightwish meeting the rage and bombastic energy of Wintersun and Fleshgod Apocalypse. A must hear!

Tracklist: 1. Spectres, 2. Lost In Time, 3. Cryptkeeper, 4. To Live And Die For, 5. Evil Conductor, 6. The Chosen Vessel, 7. Power Of The Moonlight, 8. Fight Now, 9. Echoes, 10. Cradle Of Death, 11. Atlantis, 12. Cursed [bonustrack]

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