Retrospective represents a young generation of the Polish progressive rock bands. Their music is inspired by different artists with a broad spectrum of musical genres. The band is not restricted to a particular music style either. They often search for different kinds of rock, ranging from art to hard. They are able to create special musical atmosphere, full of emotions but at the same time surprise their listeners by a hard sound. All those varieties and contrasts make their music outstanding. The easiest way to see it, is when you listen album Re:Search from beginning of 2017, where powerful prog metal riffs are interspersed with melodious sounds of art-rock genre.

Tracklist: 1. Rest Another Time, 2. Right Way, 3. The End Of Their  World, 4. Roller Coaster, 5. Heaven Is Here, 6. Look In The Mirror, 7. Last Breath, 8. Standby, 9. The Wisest Man On Earth

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