Is this romantic artrock? Is it dainty progressive rock? It is both at the same time – a gentle combination that permeates the entire album without entirely neglecting more aggressive moments. Thanks to the soaring guitars the listener experiences a progressive dream voyage through a world of music – a world that reminds him of times when progressive rock managed to push the doors of radio stations open – when the main protagonists of that movement were Marillion and Pink Floyd. “Lost In Perception” confirms in an impressive way that Retrospec-tive’s first album deservedly made the TOP 8 list of “best albums” in Poland in 2008. The album may not push doors open, but at least it flings windows wide open. Fans can expect new artrock of the finest kind on a fantastic album.

Tracklist: 1. The End Of The Winter Lethargy, 2. Huge Black Hole, 3. Egoist, 4. Lunch, 5. Our Story Is Beginning Now, 6. Tomorrow Will Change, 7. Musical Land, 8. Oceans Of A Little Thoughts, 9. Swallow The Green Tone

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