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Belgium’s seminal Space Rock act Quantum Fantay return with their new album and achieve what only few bands are able to do: Looking to the past, but all the while moving ever forward, trying new grounds, expanding their frontiers. Tessellation of Euclidean Space sees the return of a full time flute player and the addition of a Saxophone, to enrich the already dense soundscapes which became their trademark in the past 15 years. Master-mind Pete Mush wrote songs that could have been the middle parts of long tracks by Yes or Genesis, but at the same time are Prog masterpieces of their own, spear-headed by the heart and soul of the album, the 20 mi-nute, four-track suite Skytopia. Once again, Quantum Fantay manage to address a new audience, without disappointing their long time fans!

Tracklist: 1. Tessellate, 2. Manas Kavya, 3. Astral Projection, 4. Skytopia (a. Azure b. Laputa c. Ignis Fatuus d. Empyrean), 5. Anahata

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