Project: Patchwork is the studio project of two German musicians, Gerd Albers and Peter Koll. 3 years after their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Tales From A Hidden Dream’ they are finally releasing their second album ‘Re|Flection”.
Re|Flection deals with topics of a personal and sociopolitical nature, recapitulates per-sonal experiences, but also addresses critical questions regarding current events in society and politics.
Musically, the work is rooted in the progressive art rock from the 70s to 90s. As the name implies, diversity is an essential basic concept. A total of 10 singers and 20 musicians share duties on Re | Flection. A lot of big names from the German and international Prog scene are featured on the album, Marek Arnold (SSTTGD, Cyril, UPF, Samurai Of Prog), Martin Schnella (Flaming Row), John Mitchell (Frost, It Bites, Arena, Cinema), Markus Steffen (Sub Signal), Stephan Pankow, Larry Brödel (Toxic Smile) among others.
The result, however, is not a “patchwork” but a harmonic piece of work with strong emphasis on melodies and hook lines. But the Prog-typical twists and turns are also very present.
Running time of over 70 minutes, great artwork, a powerful but crystal clear sound mixed by Germany’s premier prog musician and producer Marek Arnold complete the master-piece. Albers and Koll manage to merge the single musical parts into an exciting, at times intoxicating musical experience. Re | Flection is definitely one early highlight of the year 2018.

Tracklist: 1. PreFlection, 2. Struggle And Agony, 3. Yearning For Confraternity, 4. Worried Citizens, 5. Fear Of Loss,6. First Disorder, 7. Inferno, 8. Last Horizon, 9. Of Sheeps And Wolves, 10. A Winter´s Tale, 11. ReFlection

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