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Originally devised in 1973 by eccentric producer Tomska R Huntley and destined for German TV, Tope’s Sphere was set to be a ground-breaking animation featuring a live soundtrack by 1970’s UK/Germany supergroup, Klementine Uhren. The series followed Tope, the knitted monkey protagonist, with his sidekick Chode on their outer-space adventures accompanied by lush layers of psychedelic music. Unfortunately for Tomska, Klementine Uhren were unhappy with the final mixes. They promptly disappeared with all the tapes for an ‘extended session’, never to be seen again. Tomska was bankrupted and his dreams shattered; he dumped what was left from Tope’s Sphere into a skip and vanished into the depths of the Himalayan mountains.   After the discovery of the fragments of video tape, stage props and art from Tope’s Sphere, Russ Russell (Producer Extraordinaire of Parlour Studios) recruited Orange Clocks to re-imagine the soundtrack, taking what details they could find from the scraps of script rescued from the skip to bring the unique comic-book adventure back to life.

Tracklist: 1. Tope’s Sphere Intro (Original Recording) 2. Just Kickin’ Back 3. Fun In The Stars 4. SOS 5. Unknown Planet 6. Ambush 7. Sphere Malfunction 8. Trouble With Chode 9. Tope’s Hope 10. Darkside, 11. Magical Fields 12. Cogs, Brackets and Chains 13. Big Track 14. A Father’s Return 15. Stromp’s Stomp 16. Chode’s Down 17. March of the Psilicybins 18. Out of the Aether 19. Utopean Dream 20. Theme from Tope’s Sphere

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