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Drummer Roy Veltien (Full Nelson), rock tenor Daan Dekker (Armed Cloud) and bass player Roel van Erp (Ernest van Aaken Band) have been playing in the Dutch live circuit for several years. Then came the outsider – guitar player and songwriter Friso Woudstra. Suddenly all talents and ingredients were there to start a band that brings everything together they like in music : Mother Bass. A hard rock sound that encompasses Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots. Time flies by when they play their intense live show. No gimmicks or crowd pleasing, no sing-a-long clichés, no trendy sounds. The band wants musicality, performance, originality and a timeless rock sound. The band wants to reach out to everybody, non-rock listeners as well. They’ve got the songs. Rock is now a part of every generation. Mother Bass is the band they themselves missed this past decade!

Tracklist: 1. Five Fifteen, 2. Silver Spoon, 3. Wolfman, 4. Grand Old Town, 5. Strangers Once, 6. Sceneries, 7. Roadside Epihany, 8. The Mansion, 9. Fly, 10. Eventide

The album is available both on CD as well as on Vinyl.


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