Marcela Bovio is a Mexican soprano best known for her melancholic, emotional voice. Eight years ago, she moved to The Netherlands to pursue her musical dreams and has since released three albums with her band, Stream of Passion, and worked with well-known bands like Ayreon, The Gentle Storm, The Gathering, and Maiden uniteD.

This year she will release her first solo album, Unprecedented. Accompanied solely by a string quartet, she explores a wide array of emotions: from the wildest dreams to the deepest fears. Her Latin roots, as well as classical and progressive influences, shine through in the songs.

Tracklisting: 1. Hay Amores, 2. The Treasure Hunter, 3. Found!, 4. Dime, 5. The Cartographers, 6. Powerless, 7. Alicia, 8. Saboteurs, 9. Stars, 10. The One

Available now for pre order at release date 23 September 2016

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