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“Veritas”, an album title heavy with meaning: The Truth, nothing but the truth – that’s what InVertigo seem to be interested in this time. Smells like a concept album, doesn’t it?. „’Veritas’ is not a concept album in the usual meaning“, says singer Sebastian Brennert. „At least we do not tell a continuous story. However, all the songs are about the topic of truth and deception, illusion and reality. Romantically transfigured childhood memories, dreams, delusions, schizophrenia. All these themes run through the songs like a thread. Which we find is very attractive, because we managed to make it so musically diverse.  Indeed. While the six songs on „Next Stop Vertigo“ predominantly served the classic and neo-prog genres, InVertigo look at more distant stylistic horizons on „Veritas’.

Tracklist: 1. Darkness, 2. Lullaby, 3. Waves, 4. Dr. Ho, 5. Suspicion, 6. Truth, 7. Memoirs Of A Mayfly

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