When German Prog veterans Hanspeter Hess (The Healing Road), Dominik Wimmer (Sweety Chicky Jam), Chris Grundmann (Cynity) and Markus Roth (Marquette, Hor-zontal Ascension) decided to join forces for a Progressive Rock project, there was no doubt what to expect: full steam ahead instrumental roller coaster rides. But this is no unfocused Fusion noodling by any means. Melody, power, heavy riffs and diversity come to the fore. Astounding album! They continue where Liquid Tension Experiment have stopped a long time ago.

Tracklist: 1. Ticket, 2.  Sole Survivor, 3.  Shapeshifter, 4. The Cube, 5. Lift me up, 6. Always, 7. Lost in Time, 8. Calculated Risk, 9.  The Man who played God

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