The story of this trilogy is set in the future . The universe is ruled by a Separation of Powers, which is led by a legislature, the “Magistrate”. There are millions and millions of life forms, that submit to its laws. This is the only way for a peaceful co-existence. But Earth is at war. The Third World War, which people wage against each other, has drawn the attention of the “Magistrate” to the human species. The intelligence of mankind has grown quickly, but their knowledge of the big picture has grown slow, too slow to understand what damage they can do. Fearing that greed and the lust for power could get out of hand, the “Magistrate” decides to wipe out this species once and for all. Solar storms shall destroy all life on Earth, but the last human elite fights tenaciously against the destruction of their race. Soon, however, soldier John is beset by serious misgivings. Are the intentions of the “Magistrate” different from what they pretend to be? In addition to the core team of Flaming Row (Kiri Geile, Martin Schnella, Marek Arnold and Niklas Kahl), countless guest musicians and singers can be heard on the album. Amongst them are musicians from well-known progressive rock / metal bands like Pain Of Salvation, Spock’s Beard, Haken, Enchant, Ayreon, Neal Morse Band, Shadow Gallery, or even German bands like Laith Al Deen and Fury in the Slaughterhouse. “Mirage” continues the concept of combining varied songs and different musical styles with catchy melodies in an impressive way. In addition to heavy sounds, ballad-like moments and intricate instrumental passages, there are many mood changes and surprises, in which the story is acoustically narrated. A total of ten singers take on the roles of the protagonists, from first-person perspective to different narrator roles.

Tracklist: 1. Mirage – A Portrayal Of Figures Pt.1, 3. Aim L45, 4. Burning Sky, 5. Journey To The Afterlife, 6. Alcatraz, 7. Memento Mori, 8. Pictures, 9. In Appearance – A Portrayal Of Figures – Pt. 2

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