The story of “Elinoire”:  It is about a young British family. Lea and Adam Baltwin are in the prime of their lives, having great jobs and living in prosperity. Lea becomes pregnant. But during the birth of their daughter Elinoire, Lea dies. Adam never overcomes the sudden death of his beloved wife and lays the blame on Elinoire. Over the years he cannot build up an ordinary realationship to Elinoire. Adam’s father Cyrus Baltwin takes over the role of the father figure. But after some years some true facts about the previous life of Lea are revealed. Was Lea’s death really fate ? The story is told by the real characters, their emotions (Love, Rage…) and some virtual ones (Time, Destiny, Death, Spirit …). More than 30 musicians and 15 different singers, female and male, perform on this album and the roles of the story.

Tracklist: 1. Elinoire’s Theme, 2. Initiation Fugato, 3. Overture, 4. First Day, 5. Nightingales Chirp, 6.Do You Like Country Grandpa?, 7. Lea’s Delivery, 8. Elinoire, 9. Rage Of Despair, 10. Adam’s Theme, 11. Neglected Garden, 12. Time Mirror, 13. Watershed, 14. Review, 15. Unearth The Truth, 16. Fater’s Theme, 17. Farewell, 18. A Place To Review Your Soul

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