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Cinema Finis is the second album from the Milwaukee (USA) based instrumental prog quartet Fibonacci Sequence. Its a conceptual piece – well as conceptual as an instrumental album can be – which “taken as a whole, this record, a (mostly) all-instrumental album, creates vivid, engaging and cinematic soundscapes while telling a story of a man who has lost everything to society and gave his soul in an effort to save it.”

Track list: 1. Tickets Please, 2. Obeah, 3. Psalm Before the Storm, 4. Christopher’s Plan, 5. Repent, 6. Repentless, 7. Nightshade, 8. Lobby Song, 9. Take Your Seats, 10. Deus Ex Machina, 11. All Saints’ Day, 12. Incantesimo Di Vistani, 13. Circumpunct
released August 13, 2017

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