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Elg Ler’s music can get the most diverse listeners together and lead them all to some wild emotional peaks. The first record includes 8 new songs stuffed with sonic experiments, everything live and unpolished. The overall trio sound feels like a unique blend of indie-rock and improv, often very rough and silly, aiming to please the ears of both indie kids and improvised music fans. It’s a co-lead band between Amsterdam and Naples, featuring Dario Trapani on guitar, Giuseppe Romagnoli on double bass and Stefano Costanzo on drums.

Tracklist: 1. Take Your Lover And Dance, 2. Dream Cars, 3. Viva La Quica, 4. Elg Ler, 5. Al Citofono Siamo Tutti Io, 6. Gioggio Gabber, 7. A Bird Told Me, 8. Esperanto

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