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Already in the end of the 90’s Uwe Fleischhauer ( Guitarist and Songwriter ) and Kai-Uwe Broek ( Drummer ) were together in the Progressive-Metal-Band “Vigilance”. They celebrated commercial success with their two albums “Behind the mask” and “Secrecy”, especially in Japan, USA, Canada and in the South of Europe.

The passion for this kind of music induced them in 2012 to begin to search for musicians with that same great love for Progressive and Melodic Rock Music.
After some rehearsals and castings they found the perfect lineup with Andreas Bönecke (Bass), Olaf Gersch (Keyboards) and „Izzy“ D´Ambrosio (Lead Vocals ) and Cyrcus Flyght was born.
First the Band restrained to write songs, but in 2015 and 2016 Cyrcus Flyght played on some Festivals and in the year 2017 they entered a studio to produce their first debut-album “The Clueless Caravan”. In May 2018 this Album will now distribute worldwide by “Freya Records”.

Cyrcus Flyght has its own special sound – when you try to discribe their style, bands like „Yes“, „Eloy“, „ELP“, “Ayreon” or “Spock’s Beard” seem to have some influence. Listening to their music means to hear a fusion of Progressive Metal, Art Rock and modern arranged Retro-Rock.

Tracklist: 1. At the End of all Time, 2. Finger on the Trigger, 3. Endless Fall, 4. Twilight of Sin, 5. Walk the Thin Line, 6. Devil’s Daughter, 7. Das erste Geschöpf, 8. Finger am Abzug [bonus track], 9. Am Ende der Zeist [bonus track]