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Christiaan Bruin is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who also makes video’s. He has been releasing music under the name Chris, The Black Codex and with his bands Sky Architect, Nine Stones Close, Mayra Orchestra and Adeia.

‘Inventions’ is a series of video’s + songs in which Chris explores the creative process of composing music and writing lyrics. Every two weeks he releases a new song, plus a YouTube video in which he share the ideas and inspiration which led to the creation of the song. Along the way, he explores interesting ideas in art, mathematics, philosophy, music history and so on, to see how they can be applied in making music.

‘Curiosity’ is the second physical release containing all 11 songs from series 2 (Autumn 2017) plus 3 additional mixes on CD.

Tracklist: 1. Pocket Universe, 2. The Penrose Steps, 3. Curiosity, 4. Deep Thought, 5. Real Numbers, 6. Kites and Darts, 7. Through the Needle’s Eye, 8. The Grand Design, 9. The Same River Twice, 10. A Place Where We belong, 11. Real Numbers [alternative version], 12.  Through the Needle’s Eye [alternative version], 15. O Stone, Be Not So

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