Atlantropa – a project of superlatives – Build a huge dam, dry the Mediterranean, obtain new land, unite Africa and Europe and create peace. Those were the ideas of German engineer Hermann Sörgel in 1920. Congenially transferred into music, a concept album against a current setting. Diverse compositions, complex themes, extraordinary playful-ness and maximum virtuosity. To put it simply: thought-provoking progressive rock!
The idea – It´s always fascinating to follow great minds and their visions. What pushes them? Where do they get the power and courage from to stand up to all obstacles? And what makes them hold on to their ideas? Herrmann Sörgel was one of those visionaries. Since the 1920s and beyond, he was fighting for his idea to build a massive dam between Gibraltar and the African coast, so as to separate the Mediterranean sea from the Atlantic ocean in order to drain it and win new land. “Delusions of grandeur”, “hybris”, “absolute craziness” some called it. Others, significant personalities from the politics and economics in particular, were convinced by the scope and potential success of this project, and supported Sörgel and his institute who dedicated themselves to this task until after the end of WW II and Sörgel´s mysterious death in the beginning of the 1950s.
The music – The Atlantropa project is the sophisticated, creative outcome of a group of ambitious and very experienced musicians and producers, who set themselves to musically explore and honor a great, almost forgotten idea of humanity. The visions of the ingenious engineer Hermann Sörgel served as a source of inspiration from which the creativeness and virtuosity of the compositions arose. The result is a rich and dynamic concept album rarely found these days. All band members were or are still successfully engaged in other music projects with different genres and styles. However, the love and attraction to progressive rock which clearly defines the Atlantropa project, will always bring them together.

Tracklist: 1. A Continent Of Joy 2. The Great Maker 3. New Sky Part I – The Plan 4. New Sky Part II – The Bridges 5. New Sky Part III – Atlantropa 6. Now Is Always Past 7. Time To Bid Goodbye – Part I – A Key For Peace 8. Time To Bid Goodbye – Part II – Unknown Waters 9. Time To Bid Goodbye – Part III – Last Goodbye 10. They Want to Steal The Ocean 11. Thinking Further Than A Generation’s Life 12. Gotta Steem The Greedy 13. At The Mercy Of Progress 14. Walk Across The Sea 15. Mare Nostrum Dream 16. To Understand What Understanding Means 17. When We All Speak Atlantropian 18. It’s Time For New Dreams 19. Dream My Dream 20. Star Atlantropa – Part I – Look To The West 21. Star Atlantropa – Part II – We Still Have A Lot To Learn 22. Star Atlantropa – Part III – Shining Star 23. Reprise


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