Working as a guitarist and songwriter in a number of bands, such as Ostrogoth, Thorium, Neo Prophet, 23 Acez and others, Tom Tee also spent several years writing and recording a large number of songs of his own, in various styles and genres of Metal. Wanting to break free from the mould of writing music in function of what would fit a certain band’s style, he set out to realize a long overdue dream – creating albums and projects that would not only unite influences from all the kinds of Metal he’d loved since his teenage years, but would also bring together a plethora of awesome vocalists from all across the scene.

Due to the large number of tracks that are continuously being written, the decision was made to release not just one project, but two within the same year. Dubbed ‘Entering Polaris’ and ‘In Motion’ respectively, one album unites the more melodic and often Prog/Power Metal –oriented tracks, while the other taps sternly into the vein of melodic Death- and Thrash Metal. Mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studios, Entering Polaris’ debut album ‘Godseed’ will see the light of day on the 7th of June on Freya Records. In Motion’s debut album ‘Thriving Force’ will be released later this year (official release date pending and to be announced soon).

Buy  ‘Godseed’ now and get ‘Thriving Force’ sent home automatically around the release date.

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